Our Mission

At Key Performance Initiatives, Inc., we help our customers increase stakeholder value through improved governance, risk management, compliance, controls, and processes. We specialize in analyzing each client’s culture, processes, data, and relationships to develop unique solutions that meet each client’s unique needs.

Our Values


The owners and directors of Key Performance Initiatives, Inc., dedicate this company to the glory of God. It is our conviction that regardless of the financial and nonfinancial results of business, first and foremost the people of Key Performance Initiatives, Inc., must demonstrate values and actions that are consistent with the principles of a holy God and a Biblical Worldview. To this end we will follow the example of servant leadership provided by Jesus Christ.

At Key Performance Initiatives, Inc., we believe…

  • That all our assets belong to God, and we are stewards responsible to use them for His glory. 
  • That our owners, management, partners, and employees must be above reproach.
  • That long-term success is driven by authentic relationships. 
  • That we must strive to bring value for all stakeholders. 
  • That we must demonstrate servant leadership and stewardship. 
  • That our owners, suppliers, and other stakeholders are entitled to a fair return for services rendered.


We believe in a Biblical worldview. Our worldview will guide and inform all of our business activities. While Key Performance Initiatives, Inc. desires its clients, employees, partners, and suppliers to know the God of the Bible, we promise to respect those who believe differently. 

  • Creation: We believe that the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob exists and that He created the world and all that is in it – and that it was good. 
  • Fall: We believe that man’s disobedience allowed evil a foothold in God’s perfect creation, resulting in a world fallen from its original state of goodness and that the fall imparted a sin nature into humanity. 
  • Redemption: We believe that God has provided for the redemption of mankind through the obedient sacrifice of His Son, Jesus. We believe that redemption is available to all mankind as a free gift, based solely on faith, and not as a result of works. We believe that Jesus will soon return to redeem the world and to restore its state of goodness.