Recent Training


5S Training

Scott & Patti Jones recently delivered 5S Training for a client in Dallas, TX. 5S is a Japanese methodology for workplace organization. The training consisted of 2 half-day sessions. The first half-day covered 5S principles and practice and included exercises to practice 5S Skills. The second half-day was a workshop in which the attendees put the skills they learned to work in their own work areas. 

Other Courses

Process Management

This 3-day course presents a systematic 7-step methodology for managing processes. This approach integrates seamlessly with 7-step problem solving, DMAIC, and other process improvement techniques.

Team Problem Solving

3-day course that teaches teams to use the 7-step problem solving methodology in a team context. This combines problem-solving skills with interpersonal teamwork skills.

Understanding Variation

One of the pillars of Deming's system of profound knowledge is understanding variation. This 2-day course presents a basic overview of statistical principles and techniques that are fundamental to effective eta-based decision-making.

What is Six Sigma?

An executive overview of the six sigma methodology and its benefits.

Accelerating Insights with Data Analytics

Half-Day practical seminar on using data analytics to drive audit and project insights. Includes a live demonstration of data analytic unit operations.

Strategic Planning

An overview of a systematic approach to defining and deploying strategic objectives.