Our Services


Service Overview

We live in a risky world. Organization faces change. Perhaps customers have new demands, or you need to adopt new industry or regulatory standards, or perhaps you need to improve  effectiveness and efficiency to become more competitive. At Key Performance Initiatives we can help you embrace change and to add value. We use data analytics, statistical techniques, gap analysis, and effective communication to improve governance, to reduce risk, and to increase effectiveness and efficiency.

Services for Senior Management


It all starts at the top. We use capability maturity models and benchmarking to evaluate your organizational structure, policies, and ethics for effective governance.

Risk Management

It is a risky world. We can help you identify and assess your risks and to map them to internal controls that will mitigate risk to an acceptable level. 


Your people are busy with the day to day job of running your business. We can evaluate new regulations and standards, perform a gap analysis against your existing processes, and recommend changes.

Data Analytics

What is the message hidden in your data? We use IDEA to analyze your data - ALL your relevant data - and to develop insights about problems and opportunities. We can use IDEA to evaluate your financial information for risk of fraud. We also assist businesses in implementing their own IDEA data analytics programs.

Statistical Analysis

Statistical analysis deepens the insight. We use advanced statistical techniques, such as multiple regression, ANOVA, non-parametric techniques, as well as descriptive statistics and graphical analysis to explore the hidden factors that drive business performance. 

Internal Audit

If you need additional resources, we can provide advisory and consulting audit services on an assistance or turnkey engagement basis. 

Services for Everyone


"Teach a person to fish and he can eat for a lifetime." We provide training in team problem solving, statistics, data analytics, internal audit, and much more. If your need is outside our area of expertise, we have an extensive network of partners that can meet your training needs. 

Process Redesign

Change demands new processes to meet new requirements. Process redesign begins with understanding the existing process and finding ways to meet new requirements efficiently. Tools such as flowcharts, SIPOC, quality function deployment, and lean contribute. 

Metric Design

Choosing the right Key Performance Indicators drives the right performance. We can provide advice on choosing appropriate metrics to drive your business objectives. We can also recommend, design, and implement appropriate graphical and statistical ways to analyze your KPI's.

Team Dynamics

Do you get the best out of your teams? We can provide training and facilitation to improve team dynamics, to resolve conflicts, and to make data-driven decisions. 

Conflict Resolution

Teams inevitably encounter conflict. Failure to resolve conflict can derail any team. We can facilitate conflict resolution and we can teach your team members to manage conflict themselves.

Listening & Communicating

Very often we find that the greatest barrier to team performance is poor listening skills. We provide tools to help you and your team members to hear others and to express themselves so that they will be heard.